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HYPE: Lekkis Park Hotel & Suite Presents Solid Nite With SOLIDSTAR @solidstarisoko @Lekkisparkhotel [Fresher’s Nite Party]

Lekkis Park Hotel Hotel & Suites, is at it this time with a deferent style! A Nite with SOLIDSTAR is indeed a solid nite that will be going down at IMO STATE! We are also using this to welcome both the new & Old students of FEDERAL POLYTECHNIC NEKEDE OWERRI IMO STATE A Nite to make them happy with One Of Nigeria’s TopStar SOLIDSTAR!!!

Watch the Video Below!! Solidstar talking about his coming to Owerri at Lekkis Park Hotel & Suite !!! Owerri #TurnUp!!!


»Still Bill
»Young Bizzy
»Poly Models
»Saint UG
»Peace PH

»Fire Dancers
»Junior Teckno
»Little Angel
»African Jackson
»Anita & Princess
»Glossy Dive

»Mc Dauda
»Solo Hit
»Okuko Igbo
»Mc Uncle
»Mc Ominimi
»Mc Poly Mandela

5th FEB 2016

1 Bottle of Beer

»5:30 PM Red Carpet
»Kick Of Show!! 7:30 PM


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SHOCKING NEWS: kidnapper apprehended and beaten in Lagos | SEE HERE!

Two men were apprehended and beaten up by a mob in Agege, Lagos around 11am this morning after someone identified them as they allegedly tried to dupe a woman on the streets. The man raised alarm and claimed the men had also tried to swindle and kidnap him and people descended on them. See more photos after the cut…

LEKKIS PARK HOTEL & SUITES – Presents TALENT BATTLE – Grand Finale with Solid Star @solidstarisoko | SEE HERE!

LEKKIS PARK HOTEL & SUITES Presents Lekkis Got Talent Battle / GRAND FINAL with Nigeria’s Super Star SOLID STAR

Also Featuring Nigeria’s Nollywood Actors

¤ Yul Edochie
¤ Khing Bassey
¤ Arred Rae
¤ Junior Pope

Also Performing

¤ Still Bill
¤ Lizzy Lu
¤ Swag Cee
¤ Queency
¤ Swag Diva
¤ Ceasar
¤ Talkpik


Mc BenGood
Mc YellowMouth
Mc Ominimini
Mc Marvelous




V I P: 2,000


Red Carpet: 6pm
Show Starts: 8pm


Saturday 26th Sept 2015

Venue: @Jmj Bus Stop, Poly/Ihiagwa Road, Nekede Owerri Imo State!

Event Proudly Suppported By……….

SkyBank , Mtn , Airtel , HotFm , ZandersFM , Fedelity Bank

For Sponsor Call Us: +2347035817571 or +2348054964729!

#MUST READ: Why Should I Buy A Nigerian Album For $9.99? Let’s Discuss This!

Gone are those days when we waited on the traditional means of radio and TV media to be our major sources for dispensing (new) music. Since the event of the internet and honing pretty much everything else under it’s digital space, music distribution has risen to the reigns of a whole new and entirely different level.

With platforms like music blogs, music apps and software packages iTunes, Spinlet, Amazon et al, a variety of networking access has been created to reaching a wide area of consumers. Although piracy has become the biggest and yet-to-be-tackled challenge of music marketing, it appears to be the more preferred means of delivering the music, fast and efficiently. For a third world country like ours where we’re yet to fully grasp not to talk of embracing technological wonder, it divides the consumer market and makes it hard to generate the due revenue from digital sales.

Of late, artistes and their management have decried a constant issue with bloggers that they have been plagued with since their emergence on the industry’s scene. Blogs generally are the trusted source when it comes to hosting of songs online with links to copping a download for free. Emerging artistes even subscribe to same with the yardstick being to register their presence and ultimately build levels of prominence via products that are released online to the visiting community. There’s a periodical high influx of materials that end up on various online platforms, returning with millions worth of download in music material. Even though the sense of a monetary value that can be derived is non-negligible, should this modus operandi be monetized?

Coming home, data package services are offered at a pay-through-your-nose cost. So is noteworthy to keep being exploited by reason of our musical choices? Let’s talk albums for a bit. I was recently at a function where key industry players frowned at the typical nature of how a blogger business operates. Illegal downloads turned out to be the catch phrase that kept flying front, left and center ! Well, they may be right but as adjudged by some of my counterparts, not that they cared about the rights or channels of procurement, all they kept hitting on was the incured cost. “Is it because it is free? How then is it free? Don’t I have to buy subscription on my device in order to access these offers online?” A lot of these and more were the thoughts they shared. Another thing I noticed (you must have too) is that these albums put out on digital distribution platforms and costing as much as N2000 thereabout on some, are offered on a homebased platform at a slashed discount well below 10%. It goes for N125. Now, with this knowledge will my first point of call be the place where it goes for $9.99? Obviously NOT! I’m Nigerian du-uh.

While I remain clueless as to what factors this thing depends on, I must point out that individual thoughts and then location are somehow involved. Those who are digitally minded would prefer to access materials via that medium. But for the orthodox practitioners, Alaba would always suffice where they can cop hard copies at N100 per piece and still enjoy what Mr X got at an extra data cost to access the internet and $9.99 to own a soft copy. This recent growing concern presents itself to me like a farce because before the sense of monetizing the music is brought to forbearance, we should ask ourselves if such extravagance in purchasing cost is totally worth the nature of the music we’re selling? It is in my opinion that whatever decision should be based on the consumer market. How many of us really fancy paying $9.99 for an album? How many of us even care much to buy digital albums let alone for $9.99? Even if I can afford it, what about the majority of the market whose prowess do not lie in evolving new media trends? How do I expect Iya Arugbo to own a copy of Baba Hafusa? Do I expect her to buy at $9.99 when she can get it N100?

You can see that the industry hasn’t thought this thing through. And until they do, piracy will continue to thrive unless their emphasis shifts from monetizing the music first. I’m tempted to delve into other surrounding issues that are a culmination of several anomalies starting with our economy and the ruling administration, value of our naira, our music orientation and all that shandalooloo but I’d rather not. I dunno about you but at the point this industry and our economy is right now, I WILL NOT BUY A NIGERIAN ALBUM FOR $9.99!

MUST READ: Woman reveals how Boko Haram prepared little girls for suicide bombing missions!

One of the rescued women from Sambisa forest, 36 year old Meriam has narrated how Boko Haram members prepared little girls for suicide bombing. In an interview with New York Times, Meriam said while she was being held hostage by the sect members, she saw how little girls were brainwashed into thinking that they will be forgiven after they carry out the bomb attacks
“The Boko Haram would recite the prayer for the dead. Then they would put on the hijab, covering the suicide belt. After they had prepared, “They said, ‘God will forgive us. Then, they would enter the vehicles, and they would send the women away.”she said. She also said during the interview that she had seen some of the Chibok girls captured in April last year at a hospital in Gwoza.
Many of the women who were rescued and interviewed recalled how they got pregnant by the sect members who turned them into sex slaves. Some of them had contracted the deadly HIV/AIDS virus from the sect members.

30 year old Yahauwa, who had just tested positive to HIV, was in tears as she shared her story
“Is it from the people who forced me to have affairs with them?” she asked a relief worker, tears streaming down her face.
Later, she explained that she and many other women had been “locked in one big room.” while they were held hostage.

“When they came, they would select the one they wanted to sleep with,” she said. “They said, ‘If you do not marry us, we will slaughter you.’.

Another rescued woman, 25 year old Hamsatu who is pregnant for one of the sect members said “They married me,”. She said she was forced to get married to one of the sect members while she was in their custody.
“They chose the ones they wanted to marry,” added Hamsatu, whose full name was not used to protect her identity. “If anybody shouts, they said they would shoot them.”.

Yana, one of the women who was interviewed said the sect members had “parked” her – a word many women have used to describe their imprisonment – with about 50 other women in a house in Bama, Borno State’s second city, with a population of several hundred thousand. Bama was occupied by Boko Haram last September.

Inside the house, “If they want to have an affair with a woman, they will just take her to a private place, so that the others won’t see,” said Yana in a singsong voice. She could not recall her age; a relief worker at the camp here said she had been raped so often by Boko Haram that she was “psychologically affected.”

Yana said the militants had forced her to have sex with them.

Her feet and stomach were swollen and the relief worker said she was likely pregnant, though her test results had not come back yet. Others workers here said many of the women had signs of physical and psychological trauma from being raped repeatedly.

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