Home » Gist » MUST READ: Opening Africa Nollywood Actor’s to the World Via Motion & Photos @Nollywood | SEE HERE!!

MUST READ: Opening Africa Nollywood Actor’s to the World Via Motion & Photos @Nollywood | SEE HERE!!

“I’m not only A Ghetto kind of Actor”- Agumereze

    Agumereze as he is fondly called by both fans and fellow colleagues in the make believe business, is one dude whose presence you’ll always want to be in!

      I came across this diminutive and superbly talented thespian twice on two separate locations (Asaba Delta State and Igando, Alimosho LGA Lagos State); where he bared his mind on issues bordering the Industry. This very religious actor with legal background (yes he studied Law!), is one very pious yet liberal person, his knowledge of the Bible can make a Bishop green with envy

    MP3JAMS: Let’s meet you?

      Agumereze: I’m Philip Nwanyanwu Agumereze, a Nollywood movie Producer as well as an Actor.

    Agumereze with Sylvester Madu during a scene in new Movie Guns and Caskets!

    MP3JAMS : How long have you been in the Industry?

      Agumereze: This is my eighteenth year pushing it in the Industry.

    MP3JAMS: Can you mention some of the Movies you featured in, especially the very notable ones?

      Agumereze: Well, I’ve featured in so many movies that I’ve lost count, but then I’ll list some; I was in The Struggle, Chinwe Owankwu, The Blind Orphan, Who Owns the Ghetto, Children of the Night, Ijele Princess of Fire and so many others.

    MP3JAMS : Having seen most of your movies, there’s this stereotype of you featuring mainly in Ghetto and Gangster related movies. Have you ever starred in movies outside this genre?

    Sylvester Madu and Agumereze in Action “guns blazing” in New Movie Guns and Caskets!

      Agumereze: (…laughs, then resumes…) I’ve done so many movies in other genres. I’m not a stereotyped Actor because I can fit into any kind of role I’m asked to portray.

    MP3JAMS: I’m also aware that aside being an Actor, you also have a background in Law, so do you have any intention of combing both Law and Acting?

    Agumereze preps for a scene witrh Director Emeka Hills, Asst Director Don Kollins and fellow cast Sylvester Madu

      Agumereze: Well, I read Law and things did not pan out “Legally” for me so to speak, so I had to go into movie making and I must confess that I find this fulfilling. There’s this saying that-“all Lawyers are liars, and some lawyers are not liars. So I have to be plain in life to be in conformity with my goals.

    Agumereze with makeup Artist Chinwe, who gets him ready for a scene with so much blood!

    MP3JAMS: Where do we see Agumereze in the next couple of years?

    Agumereze with a one finger salute to his fans

      Agumereze: You’ll see me in America (laughs heartily……)

    MP3JAMS : Last words to your fans?

      Agumereze: To my fans, I encourage them to keep watching my movies, they should also believe in God because the Bible says “the Lord has surround his people with word of fire” also he went further to promise us that “the expectations of the righteous will never be cut short”. So we are unstoppable!

    MP3JAMS : For those who want to connect with you, where can they reach you, Facebook, Instagram and so on?

      Agumereze: Yes they can reach me on Facebook, my ID is- Philip Nwanyanwu.

    from left to right: Agumereze, Zubby Michaels, Udu, Sylvester Madu and script writer

    MP3JAMS: Agu, my pleasure speaking with you!

      Agumereze: All the best Bro! One Love To All My Fan’s Out There! Love You All

    Interview By Follow Us @Mp3jams


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